Saturday, September 18, 2010

PicUpp User Manual

Add new Picasa Account

Add Picasa Account Tap
the [+] button in the upper right corner to open the Add Account
view. If no accounts are added, yet, you can even simply tap anywhere
on the screen to bring up this view.
Enter Picasa Login Name Enter
your Picasa login name. If you want to save your password permanently,
switch on the Save Password switch.
Enter Picasa Password Enter
your password and tap the [Save] button. Your password is saved
securely in the iPhone keychain.

Delete Picasa Account

Delete Picasa Account Tap
the [Edit] button or swipe over an account horizontally to delete it.

Edit Picasa Account

Edit Picasa Account Tap
the disclosure button to the right of an account to open the Edit

Use Picasa Account for Upload

Use Picasa Account for Upload Tap
somewhere on the account name to select it for upload and open the Upload

Add Photos to Upload Queue

Add photos Tap the [+] button in
upper right corner to bring up the image selector. If there are no
images in the upload queue, yet, you can even simply tap somewhere on
the screen to bring up the
photo picker.
Choose photo ot image

Choose the
photo/image you want to upload from the photo picker.

Enter photo caption Once you selected a
photo from the photo picker, you can enter a photo caption and then tap
the [Add to upload Queue] button. 
Finished adding photos to PicUpp queue

you're finished adding all desired photos to the upload queue, tap the
button in the upper right corner of the photo picker.
You can
add a maximum of 20 photos to the upload queue.

Remove a Photo from Upload Queue

Remove a photo from PicUpp queue Swipe over a photo horizontally to reveal the
[Delete] button.

Select Picasa Album to upload to

Tap select album button Tap the [Select
Album] button to bring up the Picasa Albums Selector. This is the time
when the app connects to Picasa and tries to log you in. All previous
steps you could even execute without an internet connection. 
Enter Picasa password

If you did not
save your account password, PicUpp will ask you to enter it here.
Select Picasa album On
the Picasa Album Selector, use the picker wheel to select the album you
want to upload your photos to. If you'd like to use a new album
instead, enter the new album name in the textfield at the bottom. The
new album will be created as a private album.
To confirm album selection or creation, tap the [Select Album] button.

Upload your photos

Tap Launch Upload button Once you added
photos, and selected the Picasa album, the [Launch Uppload!] button
appears. Tap it to start uploading the photos.
Photo uploading to Picasa The photo currently
uploading is displayed on the upload screen. If you want to cancel the
upload, tap the [Cancel Uppload] button.


  1. Hi there,

    Thank you for making this app. I have been using it to play music videos on my ipad so far and didn't need it for my iphone until I upgraded to iOS 7. Unfortunately, now the iPhone too has lost the functionality of music videos. Would it be possible for you to make Joobik work on the iPhone too?

    Kind regards,

  2. Joobik Player 4 is now available for iPhone as well! Just download it from the iTunes AppStore to your phone without extra charge!