Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Joobik Video Playlist Player for iPad Online Help and F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions and Howtos

The F.A.Q. has been moved to the new Joobik Player website:

Read the tutorial for first steps with Joobik Player

How To:

How to sync video playlists from iTunes to iPod, iPhone, or iPad

How to use AirPlay with Joobik Player

How to change the Duration of Track Title Display, or switch it off


Why doesn't Joobik Player show all my iTunes videos ?

Why does Joobik Player skip some or all of my videos while playing?

There is no audio while playing a video with Joobik

Why can't I see my iTunes videos in Joobik Player, even though they are not DRM protected?


Could we get play count syncing with iTunes?

Can Joobik Player show folders within folders, like my playlists in itunes?

What does Joobik mean?

Get Joobik Video Playlist Player here


  1. I am giving this app 2 stars because it does what it says, but its airplay functionality doesn't work. I tried doing airplay via bluetooth with my Mercedes Benz, and it doesn't work.

    1. Well, Apple Airplay does not operate via BlueTooth, but via WLAN!

  2. Please fix the bug that makes my videos disappear from Joobik whenever I sync my iPad to add new videos to its library. It's very annoying - takes so much time to put these Joobik playlists together you know, what with having to add only one at a time. Can you add multiple selection, maybe?


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