Monday, March 9, 2015

One more thing.. - *** The all vintage myWatch!!! ***

  • The smart watch that was always there!
  • Operates without a mobile phone in your pocket!
  • Displays current time on its 10k++HDSuperDuperDensityRealityViewRetina(TM)-Display!
  • Comes with pre-installed calendar app to display current date and day of week - all on a distinct tile!
  • Makes realistic tick-tock noise with it's built-in VintageSound(TM) Signal Processor!
  • Runs 4+ years without recharging!
  • DIY replaceable battery pack
  • Comes with built-in AnalogueCrown technology which lets you adjust time, date, and day of week in real time!
  • Covered by saphire glass with a single rounded edge!
  • Features Swipe-To-Clean gesture!
  • Knows your pulse - but won't tell!

This changes nothing - again!


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