Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to enable JetBrains WebStorm Web Development Features in IntelliJ Idea

JetBrains offer a rich variety of Integrated Development Environment targeted towards several different development languages and platforms, such as PHP, Python, .NET, iOS / OS X, and more.

Their WebStorm IDE is one of the most popular, feature-rich commercial Web IDEs on the market, supporting HTML, CSS, Client-Side JavaScript, node.js, and much more.

On the other hand, JetBrains IntelliJ Idea is one of the most popular, feature-rich commercial Java IDEs on the market, supporting Scala and Groovy as well. It is the base, for instance, of Android Studio - The official Android Development Platform.

Most (if not all) of JetBrain's IDEs are based on the same core, featured by different sets of installed plugins. This makes it easy to put all the WebStorm functionality into IntelliJ IDEA by just installing the appropriate plugins. To do so, just open IDEAs preferences and select the plugins pane:

Click Install JetBrains plugin and type the plugin name to find it. If a specific plugin is not available in the JetBrains repository, use the Browse repositories button to find it.

Based on a full IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 14 installation you just need to load these few plugins:

  • AngularJS
  • Cucumber.js
  • Dart
  • EJS
  • File Watchers
  • Handlebars/Mustache
  • Jade
  • JSTestDriver Plugin
  • Karma
  • Meteor
  • PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin
  • Polymer & Web Components
  • TextMate bundles support

Just in case you missed something, here's the complete list of all plugins installed in WebStorm:

All Plugins enabled in JetBrains WebStorm


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